jeudi 25 mars 2010

MS Keyboard

As you probably know HTC ezsip 2.1 disables native winmo SIP methods like handwriting and the native keyboard. Luckily you can reenable these via some regkeys.

First create the following dword value:


Now go HKCR\CLSID\ and find the GUID of the SIP you want to enable:

Keyboard -> {42429667-ae04-11d0-a4f8-00aa00a749b9}
Block Recognizer -> {42429691-ae04-11d0-a4f8-00aa00a749b9}
Letter Recognizer -> {42429667-ae04-11d0-a4f8-00aa00a749b9}
Transcriber -> {F0034DD0-2AD4-11d1-9CB0-E84BE8000000}
Phone Pad -> {51A2CB38-154E-4C92-A625-A83871C99EC2}

then open the subkey IsSIPInputMethod and change the default value to 1

For example, if you want to enable the MS keyboard, make the following modification:


Now you can copy and past in any application using ctrl+c and ctrl+v

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